Frank Vincent stars in “Chicago Overcoat” by recent Columbia grads of Beverly Ridge Pictures

Frank Vincent, who played New York mob boss Phil Leotardo on “The Sopranos,” stars in the in-production indie “Chicago Overcoat” as The Flowerman, an Outfit hit man taking out a corrupt union official to finance his retirement.

“Chicago Overcoat” is the first feature from Beverly Ridge Pictures LLC, which has been promoting itself with a DVD compilation of high production value shorts.

The partners, recent Columbia College alumni, formed the company to produce their first short “The Small Assassin,” adapted from Ray Bradbury’s short story.

In the “Chicago Overcoat” cast of notable actors are Danny Goldring (“The Earl”) who plays the detective who’s onto the Flowerman him, Armand Assante (“American Gangster”), Katherine Narducci (“The Sopranos”) and Mike Starr (“Osso Bucco”).

Producer and writer John Bosher, who also produced Scott Prestin’s “The Devil’s Dominoes,” formed Beverly Ridge Pictures with “Chicago Overcoat” director/writer Brian Caunter, producer William Maursky, casting director Chris Charles, cinematographer Kevin Moss, and production designer Philip Plowden.

Plowden is the oldest partner at 28. Josh Staman and Andrew Doyd contributed to the screenplay.