For Bimbo Bakeries’ campaign DDB turns to the GOATS – Grandmas


DDB Chicago has cooked up a daring campaign for Bimbo Bakeries’ bread brands, Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat Breads. This fresh and innovative campaign, titled ‘Baked the Right Way,‘ marks a significant change for these iconic brands and introduces an inspiring new perspective to the world of bread: grandmas.

The ‘Baked the Right Way’ campaign not only debuts a new tagline but also brings a delightful twist to the bread aisle with the inclusion of grandmothers as its central focus. Each campaign spot shines a spotlight on grandmas who defy outdated stereotypes associated with them, much like how Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat defy the notion that bread is mundane.

The spots for this campaign were expertly directed by the internationally renowned director Matt Devine and edited by Cutters’ Grant Gustafson, adding to the campaign’s creative brilliance. Watch below:

Allan Hoffman, the director of marketing for premium bread at Bimbo Bakeries USA, emphasized the campaign’s foundation in consumer understanding and the brands’ longstanding commitment to baking excellence. He stated, “Consumers understand that it’s not by chance that Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat have been baking great tasting breads for a very long time – it’s because we do things right. Our Baked the Right Way campaign is based on deep consumer understanding, and features our trusted baking expertise and experience in a fun and memorable way.”

Colin Selikow, the executive creative director at DDB Chicago, explained the rationale behind featuring grandmas as the campaign’s stars. “In most households, Grandmas are the voice of authority when it comes to all things food. So, who better to be the face of our 80 years of baking know-how. They are the GOATS of the food world, so we simply showed them that way.”

The ‘Baked the Right Way’ campaign made its debut on August 14 and is currently live across various platforms, including online video streaming, social media, retail spaces, and digital advertising. This campaign is expected to continue captivating audiences throughout the year and likely into 2024.

This creative and imaginative campaign not only redefines the perception of bread but also celebrates the wisdom and culinary expertise of grandmas, making it a delightful addition to the world of advertising.


BRAND: Bimbo Bakeries

  • Marketing Director: Lorraine Hale
  • Director of Marketing for Premium Bread: Allan Hoffman
  • Social Manager: Kristin Harp
  • Brand Manager: Nick Pitone
  • Brand Manager: Rielly Whims
  • Brand Manager: Jillian Schutawie


  • Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo Jatene
  • Executive Creative Director: Colin Selikow
  • Creative Director: Mihail Aleksandrov
  • Creative Director: Patrick Almaguer
  • Art Director: Daniel Pujol
  • Copywriter: Nneoma Chukwueke
  • President: Sandra Alfaro
  • Business Affairs Manager: Kiska Howell
  • Business Team: Samantha Olis
  • Account Director: Raneen Onallah
  • Account Executive: Sam Hess
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Milo Chao
  • Strategy Director: Ethan Scott
  • Strategist: Tom Zauberman


  • Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
  • Head of Production: Sean Moody
  • Executive Producer: Jordana Freydberg
  • Director: Matt Devine


  • Executive Producer: Donovan Boden
  • Line Producer: Jason Aita

EDIT: Cutters Studios

  • Editor: Grant Gustafson
  • Edit Assistant: Jack Taylor
  • Executive Producer: Heather Richardson
  • Producer: Yianni Frangos


  • Sound Designer: David Axelbaum
  • Producer: Tom Syoen

MUSIC/SOUND: The Elements Music

POST/ VFX: PreymakeR

  • Creative: Angus Kneale
  • Producer: Verity Kneale
  • Producer: Melanie Wickham
  • Producer: Zach Fortin
  • Producer: Jessica Sroczynski
  • Producer: Nic Barnes
  • Creative: Greg Cutler
  • Creative: Andres Eguiguren
  • Technologist: Brandon Phillis
  • Technologist: Christian Reyes
  • Technologist: Paul Cardon
  • Creative: Sam Caine
  • Creative: Mark Sanna
  • Creative: Ed Lopez
  • Creative: Adam Lambert
  • Creative: Nicholas Young
  • Creative: Shannon Lee
  • Creative: Stuart Wilson

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