Fitzgerald’s the venue for Lazzeretti films

Ron Lazzeretti

Spoke director Ron Lazzeretti is a man of many talents, says executive director Ed Amaya, referring to Lazzeretti’s little known Tuesday night gig at Fitzgerald’s Berwyn music club, where he performs the songs he writes.

A few months back, Lazzeretti asked club owners Bill and Kate Fitzgerald to attend the blowout screening of his three shorts at McClurg theatre.?The Fitzgeralds were delighted.?They knew some of the musicians who contributed music to the scores and invited Lazzeretti to screen at their club ? with live music added.

At the Jan. 16 “Something Better, Somewhere Else” night, Lazzeretti’s trio of shorts will be interspersed with live music performed by the musicians’ bands: Naomi Ashley for “Wedding Night,” in which she also had a part, Brian Anderson for “Flowers” and Scott Momenthy and “Last Day.”?

Lazzeretti’s three 20-minute shorts currently making the festival rounds. In fact, IFP’s Flyover Zone Short Film Festival named “Flowers” the best dramatic film.

Fitzgerald’s is at 6615 Roosevelt Road. Tickets, $8. See