First in the Midwest, Fletcher’s 3-perf camera proving ?it gives 35mm look for 16mm budget’

Fletcher Chicago scores another first in the Midwest with the addition of the 3-Perforation film camera that gives users 35mm quality for 16mm prices.

Originated for shooting commercials, it’s a standard Arri 35 camera that uses an alternative advancement system of 3-perforation movement per image frame, vs. the traditional 4-perf.

With the emergence of 16×9 HDTV and DI, 3-Perf’s mainstream popularity is increasing, notes Tom Fletcher, VP/marketing.

“The technology is simple,” he says. “Instead of the camera advancing the film every four sprockets, it advances every three. This eliminates the unused space between frames when composing for 16×9.”

Since most spots are shot for wide screen, 3-Perf’s efficient use of film stock is a great option.

“You’re able to shoot more frames, the magazine lasts 33% longer — which means fewer reloads and short ends — and you save about 25% on both film stock and lab costs,” he says.

“The best part is that all of this comes without any compromise in image quality. In a world of shrinking budgets this is good news.”

The statistics are impressive when comparing 3-Perf vs. a 4-Perforation project.

A commercial shooting 4-Perf, that needs 10,000-ft. of 35mm film, only would require 7,500 ft. of the same stock shooting in 3-Perf, and would benefit with more shooting time per reel.

Spot house STORY used 3-Perf in shooting a spot campaign for Union Bank.