First 2003 Tourism spot airs

Illinois Tourism’s first commercial of 2003 from BBDO directed by Dennis Manarchy shows off seven tourist “must see” destinations, from the Magnificent Mile to the Garden of the Gods at the southern tip of the state.

The estimated $150,000 spot also contains a myriad of complex special effects. “But it doesn’t look like it,” said I-Cubed’s Arturo Cubacub, who creatively edited and added the magic of seven fluid scene transitions.

Calling the spot “very elegant,” Cubacub added, “Dennis definitely put his special touch to it.”

Manarchy’s three-day shoot also captured scenes of the Shedd Aquarium, Six Flags, Galena’s main street, Springfield’s Lincoln Memorial and an historic spot on Route 66.

Manarchy producer Dan Lundmark commented on “the great cooperation from the city” in allowing the crew to park a limousine outside a hotel entrance during rush hour to facilitate an otherwise difficult shot.

The Manarchy commercial continues the campaign theme of “Illinois. Right Here. Right Now.” It runs through July, when a seasonal fall spot will be produced.

BBDO has remained true to its mission of finding the best local talent to showcase the state’s gems. Some years ago, a major Michigan Avenue agency veered from the established course and brought in an L.A. director and his brother cameraman, plus two others, to shoot a $1 million package of spots.

The agency and the Tourism director, a former adwoman, tried to palm it off as an “Illinois production” by hiring a locally incorporated crew and talent payment company to front the production.

No one bought it. Outside of that lapse, Tourism and Lottery commercials have been legitimately produced by Illinois companies.

For BBDO, VP Will Cannon was creative director, Alex Murray the writer and Brian Smego produced. Rhythm Caf?’s Brando Triantafillou composed the music. Julie Greenberg supplied the voiceover. I-Cubed’s Mike Matusek was colorist. Al Nolan-Cohn was location manager.