Filmscape to keep Chicago production “on the forefront”

The two-day
September event
will feature
more of what
made its predecessor
a success,
plus a few new things

Filmscape Chicago is a two-day, pro-level series of equipment demos, state-of-the-art training, and speakers happening at Cinespace Studios over the weekend of September 7th and 8th.

Although technically an inaugural run, Filmscape is actually an enhanced version of CineTech, the film and gear event that featured nearly two-dozen classes, a legion of vendors, hundreds of attendees, and a welcome party at Camera Ambassador last year.

According to Barbizon Lighting Lead Sales Manager Ned McGregor, who is part of the event’s planning committee, the updated version will offer more of what made the original a success, plus a few new things.

“This year is going to be two days instead of one,” he says. “We’re also augmenting the introductory level classes with deep-dive seminars for working professionals, and we’ll be featuring several camera vendors in addition to production supply, grip, and electric.”

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Besides McGregor, the planning committee includes DePaul University film school Associate Director Joe Lyons, Chicago Studio Mechanics Local 476 President Bradley Matthys, and Keslow Camera General Manager Colette Gabriel.

Together, they are working to expand the show’s focus.

“We will still feature the gear and the toys and the other cool stuff,” McGregor continues. “But we’re also opening it up to traditional filmmakers and indie creators who do a little bit of everything.”

Popular classes during last year’s show included introduction to lighting controls, low-light cinematography, and problem solving in lighting and rigging. They were taught by working professionals with everyday, hands-on industry experience like McGregor and Matthys, both of whom intend to return this year.

Energizing the entire program is a commitment to all levels of the Windy City film community.

“Technology changes so quickly that it’s hard for everyone to keep up, from film schools to working professionals,” says McGregor. “We want to offer the most up-to-date classes to keep Chicago on the forefront of cinematic horizon.”

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