Barbizon leads CineTech’s all-day educational program

Cinetech, September 8 at Cinespace

Cinetech, September 8 at Cinespace

“We’ve got the vendors
we’ve got the new toys,
but we’re also
a lot of classes.”

—Ned McGregor, Barbizon

As a presenting sponsor of next week’s CineTech event at Cinespace Studios, Barbizon Lighting Company intends to provide attendees with one of the industry’s most valuable resources: knowledge.

“The goal of this thing is for it to be an educational show,” explains Ned McGregor, the lead salesperson at Barbizon Chicago. “We’ve got the vendors and we’ve got the new toys, but we’re also sponsoring a lot of classes.”

Together with Cinelease, DePaul University, and the Studio Mechanics union IATSE Local 476, Barbizon and the featured sponsors will offer nearly two dozen classes during the day-long September 8 film industry showcase. All the classes will take place within the Cinespace campus.

The team providing instruction includes several working professionals who enhance their hands-on industry experience every day. According to McGregor, this provides essential up-to-date know-how.

“The way we’re making movies and television is changing completely,” he says. “It used to be enough that you could just throw people at a problem, now everybody has to be a specialist.”

McGregor will offer his expertise by teaching The ABC’s of DMX from 9-9:45 a.m. at Stage 18. Besides selling lights and expendables, he helps Barbizon advise, design, and consult clients throughout Chicago.

“In one way or another, we deal with every show in town,” he says. “We also designed the controls and power distribution system for Columbia College’s Media Production Center. This is a space for people to be creative in, and that’s what we facilitate.”

The Keynote Talk, A moderated conversation with Lisa Wiegand, ASC will take place at the same location beginning at 11 a.m.

To review the complete class agenda, click here. Although a number have already reached full capacity, Barbizon is offering stand-by availability for all interested parties. To inquire about squeezing in at the last minute, email McGregor directly at

Of course, there will also be enough gear to delight most equipment geeks. In addition to the 30+ companies booked to present during the event, camera and accessories vendor Keslow Camera will welcome guests to the showroom of its expansive new second-floor space.

McGregor suggests doing a little of both.

“Cameras give a beautiful image, but there are so many ways to get there,” he says. “Your day can be miserable if you’re trying to strap a 40-pound light onto a drop ceiling.”

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