Feature film revenues hit $90 million in 2005; Year in Review cites 243 TV production days

The Illinois Film Office estimated that state production revenues reached $90 million in 2005, up from $77 million reported in 2004 and $25.6 million in 2003. Projections for 2006 put production on track to approach the $125 million levels set in the late ’90s.

Studio features shot for a total of 150 days, according to the Chicago Film Office, up from 109 in 2004 and 80 in 2003.

“Prison Break” is back in production, the Gantz brothers are forming “A More Perfect Union,” Pie Town is designing “On a Dime” and “To Sell,” and a handful of studio and major independent features are eyeing productions here in the coming months.

The Wage Tax Credit is on its second year-long extension, with strong momentum for a five-year extension when it comes up for renewal again this summer.

The Chicago visual media industry is on track to continue its growth path that has marked the past two years. Here’s a look at the year ahead in local production, and the year behind.

Steve Conrad, who wrote “The Weather Man,” makes his feature directing debut with “Quebec,” starring Seann William Scott (“The Dukes of Hazzard”) as a grocery store assistant manager in a vicious battle for a promotion.

The Weinstein Company is funding the $6 million production, which shoots here this spring. Steven A. Jones, Conrad’s partner in the new Glow Productions, is producing with Jessica Borsiczky.