Fatcake follows “Stuffed” with second Mexican-set travel pilot “Tracking Expats”


Fresh off Jeff Garlin’s feature debut and the season premiere of CBS’ “The Amazing Race,” Misty Tosh of Fatcake Productions is on her way to Baja, Mexico to produce a pilot for the series “Tracking Expats.”

“It’s a totally off-the-cuff, spontaneous road show about tracking down American expatriates in foreign countries, really covering how they make the move, what they do once they arrive, and what kind of life they are leading, or looking to leave,” Tosh said. “It’s geared toward National Geographic Channel.”

Tosh, who is writing, directing, hosting and editing, will shoot the pilot this February. She’s producing with her Fatcake partners Lisa Colangelo and Jamie Biehl.

Fatcake signed a one-year worldwide distribution deal with Tremendous Entertainment of Minneapolis for their Mexico-shot pilot for the travel/food show “Stuffed.”

“We love them,” Tosh said. “They’re all-female just like us and they do all sorts of stuff for Travel Channel, National Geographic, Discovery?right up our alley.”

Tremendous shopped “Stuffed” at MIPCOM last October, where Tosh said they garnered “much interest from the Travel Channel.”

Tosh is also lining up two independent features for next year. She declined to give details except to say that they would shoot here “with some nice talent.”

Last summer Tosh was production manager for the Chicago leg of “The Amazing Race,” which kicked off its sixth season here. Colangelo was production supervisor and Biehl was production coordinator.

In September Tosh was line producer on the local shoot of “Someone to Eat Cheese With,” the directorial debut of Second City alum and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” executive producer/co-star Jeff Garlin.

Tosh’s weekly food column “The Raving Dish” premiered Dec. 2 on www.centerstagechicago.com.

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? by Ed M. Koziarski, edk@homesickblues.com