David Winer launches Fancy Mountain Music & Sound

”The goal is always
to help the narrative
and to feel something.
When you do,
it’s lovely stuff.”

David Winer

On November 12, veteran musician and composer David Winer launched Fancy Mountain Music & Sound, a Chicago-based company serving the advertising and film industries.

With decades of experience creating music for live, studio, commercial, and film projects, Winer underscores the company’s collaborative finesse by noting that, “we’re not big on library tracks.”

“We really like getting that first conference call and freshly responding to whatever the directive is,” he says. “Also, if we have an alternate idea that gets us were we want to go, we’ll produce that as well. Sometimes those alternate tracks get picked, but if they don’t, the feedback on them really helps us zero in on exactly what is needed. Those are important conversations.”



A trumpeter since the age of nine, Winer had accumulated decades of live and studio experience before he started creating music for film and commercial projects.

His first gig was a spot for Wishbone restaurant back in the mid-90s. It came by way of the former Wicker Park punk rock recording boutique, Attica Studios. Winer got it done with a VCR hooked up to a Commodore 64 monitor, a couple of ADAT recorders, and his finely honed personal discipline.

“It was play, record, rewind, play, record, rewind, over and over again,” he recalls. “I was having a great time.”

The gig opened a new chapter in his career.

David Winer
David Winer

“Not long after that I was asked to score the opening trailer for the Chicago Underground Film Festival,” he recalls. “After that, my very smart wife recommended I get an internship at a music house in town. I did.”

Winer became a full time composer and producer for Steve Ford Music in 2001 and quickly established himself as a force in the film and commercial industry.

To date, his contributions can be heard on hundreds of projects, including a pair of Super Bowl commercials and dozens of spots for Gatorade, Lexus, Lego, Nike, among others. Along the way, he was nominated for four Grammys and one Addy.

Additionally, Fancy Mountain composers have earned two AICP awards and three Clios. The company has also been shortlisted at Cannes.

When he’s not at work, Winer often gigs with the J Davis Trio. As a longtime member of the groovy trip-hop band that has carved out its own niche in Chicago, he says that the gigs strengthen a sonic calling that he takes to the office every day.

“Music and sound are so visceral,” he says. “The goal is always to help the narrative and to feel something. When you do, it’s lovely stuff.”

To learn more about Fancy Mountain Music & Sound, click here.

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