Facets to screen animated docuseries Invisible People

Facets is hosting the screening of the animated docuseries, Invisible People, Sunday, May 26, followed by a Q&A with Chicago based, Malaysian filmmaker, Jean Ho.

The animated documentary series is comprised of six 7-8 minute episodes, showcasing Malaysia’s stateless and refugee communities, and chronicling their struggles and fights for systemic change. Using various animation styles ranging from traditional 2D to 3D, even mixed media and psychedelic animation, the series explores individual stories beyond monolithic news headlines, uncovering diverse experiences behind often simplified perspectives.

On Sunday, May 26, Facets will screen the series’ first three episodes, followed by a Q&A session with the project’s director Jean Ho and crew.


Sunday, May 26
Doors open at 11am
Screening starts at 11:45am
Q&A starts at 12:30pm


MISSION STATEMENT: Malaysia’s own nationality law is manufacturing statelessness. This has left many without citizenship. Despite hosting a large population of refugees, Malaysia is also not party to the United Nation’s 1951 Refugee Convention, leading to a lack of protection and asylum system for refugees. It’s time they’re heard.

Where are the donations going?
For every $5 ticket sold, $3 will go toward helping two participants.

@invisiblepeopledoc 🚨SCREENING ALERT🚨 We’ll be showcasing half the series at Facets Theater in Chicago on SUNDAY, MAY 26 at 11am CT! Most of the proceeds will go toward helping out 2 of our participants. Keep watching to find out more, and visit linktr.ee/invisiblepeopledoc or our Instagram bio to get tickets! #filmtok #animation #filmmaking #documentary #femalefilmmaker #filmmakersoftiktok #indiefilmmakers #update #malaysia #fypmy #fyp @DHRRA ♬ Storytelling – Adriel

Featured in episode 3, Peter, a Chin refugee from Myanmar, runs a non-profit school dedicated to the education of child refugees who are otherwise denied from attending public schools. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has affected both the school’s student capacity and its funding, he is still committed to providing accessible and affordable education to those who have been excluded from public institutions.

Peter will use the proceeds to buy school supplies, along with paying off a portion of the rent for the space the school uses.

Featured in episode 4, Maalini Ramalo is a Director for Social Protection of Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas (DHRRA) Malaysia. She currently leads the Statelessness Unit at DHRRA, supported by a team that focuses on evidence-based advocacy and provides direct services to stateless persons with strong links to Malaysia.

DHRRA is a non-profit, non-political organization committed to building strong and self-reliant rural communities through poverty alleviation and people’s empowerment initiatives. While they’re currently based in 11 countries, the Malaysian network is raising funds to support advocacy and data collection efforts to further address statelessness in the country.

The donations will greatly aid in providing social protection, psychological support, policy and advocacy, paralegal assistance, and awareness campaigns surrounding the issue.

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