EZ3 Productions launches with TV series

What’s considered junk to some may be treasures to other. Eight out of 10 people have at least one highly-collectable treasure hidden somewhere inside their home, yet few know the item’s historical significance or worth.

That’s the premise of “Treasure Hunters Roadshow,” a 26-part TV series produced by EZ3 Media now airing on ABC Disney’s “Live Well Network” and national cable networks.

The series is the first assignment for six months old EZ3 Productions, headed by Maggie Fox, the former business manager at Pixel Brothers, and who has the distinction of having been the first woman member of Camera Local 600.

Hosted by Andy St. Clair from Second City, each episode takes place in a different city as St. Clair interviews zany collectors telling their stories of how and why they collect “unusual items” and the people who buy it.

“We have shot six episodes so far and will have completed 13 by the end of the year,” says EZ3 Media executive producer Nancy Reid, a film pro who has returned to the visual media industry after working in another business for several years.

By then, the Roadshow will have traveled to Decatur, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, San Antonio and Miami for its first season of 13 shows.

Senior program producer Tina Hergott and supervising producer Carey Lundin also lead the research team that finds the collectors, through publicly announced auditions and talent agents and casting directors in the cities the Roadshow will visit. The Decatur casting call brought forth 85 collectors.