EXTRA’s ‘Chew It Before You Do It’ will get you through the holiday

After a year hiatus, this holiday season is expected to be exceptionally unique for many as families and friends gather – with their rusty social skills and all – for potentially the first time in nearly two years.

Mars Wrigley‘s EXTRA Gum launched a new campaign, titled Chew It Before You Do It, spotlighting how taking a moment to chew a piece of gum before doing, saying, or acting can be the difference between smooth sailing and a less-than-joyous experience. With holiday gatherings expected to make a comeback this year, the campaign’s seasonal ad spots aim to dial into those interesting, yet comical, moments often seen and experienced when home for the holidays.

Created by advertising agency Energy BBDO, the lighthearted spots depict often recognizable moments like reacting to a family member’s un-amusing joke, showing a love interest your childhood bedroom or receiving a gift with a not-so-subtle and less-than-heartening point. Amidst tricky situations, the ads portray how taking a momentary pause to chew a piece of EXTRA Gum can be the difference between a lasting fond memory and a social blunder that could derail what should be a wonderful holiday season where we connect and celebrate fully with one another after challenging times.

This season, whether you’re faced with awkward questions such as why you’re still single or if you’re introducing your new quarantine boyfriend to your filter-less grandma for the first time, don’t fret. Chew It Before You Do It.

“Ahead of anticipated seasonal celebrations and family gatherings, we’re unveiling our new Chew It Before You Do It campaign as a playful solve to those hilariously awkward holiday moments we may have all forgotten about after an atypical holiday season last year,” said Natalie Malone, Brand Manager for EXTRA Gum, Mars Wrigley US. “We hope our relatable content and campaign delivers better moments and more smiles this season and reminds our fans that sometimes ‘chewing it over’ can make all the difference.”

“This holiday season we might find ourselves face to face with the harsh realities of our family dynamics. When things get awkward, we sincerely hope people take a second to chew Extra Gum before saying something they can never, ever, take back,” said Josh Gross and Pedro Pérez, Co-Chief Creative Officers at Energy BBDO.

Also, as part of the campaign, EXTRA Gum will be releasing a limited time only “Chew It Before You Do It Button,” to help relieve fans from situations like political discussions at the dinner table or answering prying questions into their love life. The EXTRA Chew Before You Do Button can be placed anywhere questionable conversations and situations occur and will provide a piece of EXTRA Gum when pressed to facilitate a thoughtful moment before responding.

Starting December 6 through December 17, consumers that anticipate awkward moments this holiday season can tweet #ChewItBeforeYouDoIt to receive their free EXTRA Chew Before You Do Button just in time for holiday festivities this year. Each Chew Before You Do button is filled with a pack of EXTRA Gum and available while supply lasts.

While holiday gatherings are the optimal time to start “chewing it over,” tricky and cringeworthy everyday situations certainly do not stop there. Considering an over-the-top gender reveal or drastically cutting your hair in the new year? Don’t worry, EXTRA Gum has you covered. The campaign will continue throughout 2022 to help people get through difficult decisions and serve as a lighthearted reminder to Chew It Before You Do it.

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