EXTRA Gum offer fresh start to post-pandemic life

(Reel Ad of the Week goes to EXTRA)

EXTRA Gum is all about shared moments of human connection—many of which have unfortunately, become distant memory due to the COVID-19 pandemic, until now: we can finally reconnect IRL!

After a hard year of not seeing one another (and frankly, not being very mindful of how your breath smells) EXTRA is there to help give you a fresh start as you re-enter this new world.  

EXTRA’s new film, “For When It’s Time,” evokes feelings of optimism, positivity, and comforting nostalgia of pre-pandemic life. When the time is right, many won’t just exit their homes quietly, pick up the newspaper and whistle their way back to the office.

No, they’re going to throw on their favorite pair of jeans, freshen up with a stick of gum and take to the streets to celebrate —awkwardly hugging, kissing and socializing to their heart’s content!

Hilariously set to Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, the two-minute film shows neighbors connecting and embracing outside, in every way, shape, and form and is full of Easter eggs (like a mound of Amazon packages stacked outside someone’s front door) that connect with human truths we’ve experienced over the past year.  Watch below:

The work was created with longtime agency partner Energy BBDO.  

“We tried to imagine what the world will be like when it’s time to go back. Although we’re a bit scared to leave our sweatpants behind, we could all use a fresh start,” say Josh Gross and Pedro Pérez, Co-Chief Creative Officers at Energy BBDO.

The film will run, in various forms, across television, digital, and social channels. Similar Mars Wrigley content will roll out in other global markets throughout the year, including the UK, Germany, and France.

In the words of Celine Dion, “it’s all coming back to us now”… and we couldn’t be happier! We agree, which is why this is our Reel Ad of the Week.


CLIENT: Mars Wrigley

  • Product: Extra
  • Title: For When its Time
  • Client: Mars Wrigley
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