EXPOSURAMA flips the usual script on contests

Script contests are, of course, nothing and tend to be like any other shot at quick success: long. But filmmakers Scott Prestin and Craig Pietrowiak are trying to change the odds with EXPOSURAMA.

What sets their contest apart, according to Prestin, is the quality of exposure (hence the name) that each submission gets right from the first round.

To do this, Prestin and Pietrowiak recruited more than 100 readers of all different backgrounds — directors, producers, agents, teachers, and writers — then grouped them into teams of 10 or more, making sure that all positions are represented within each.

This unique structure ensures entrants that their work will not only be read fairly, but by an impressive number of people with influence?even if only in the first round.

The idea for the contest was born out of Prestin and Pietrowiak’s own struggles as producers and directors, to find scripts they wanted to produce.

“We’re both dedicated to being prolific indie filmmakers,” says Prestin. “So we thought, what better way to get our hands on good material than to hold our own contest?”