Explore delivers retro hazy 1985 Beer in a 1985 DeLorean

Can anyone come up with a better way to deliver the retro hazy IPA, 1985 Beer, than a 1985 DeLorean. Explore pulls this off in true “Back to the Future” style. This is one to truly enjoy!

Explore, a commercial and content production company with offices in Chicago and Indiana, recently produced a shoot depicting the story of three DeLorean vehicles delivering a retro hazy beer.  

The premise for the content was that people in the city are restless.  Stay at home orders are necessary, but have tapped them both physically and mentally, and somebody needs to send inject a dose of positivity straight from the 1980’s. Enter an approaching fleet of DeLorean automobiles spreading across the map, delivering hazy IPAs to save the day.


Explore’s client is Boulder based agency Fact & Fiction, and ECD Rob Lewis conceptualized the creative and also managed the animation department. Helmed by Explore Director Jeremy Pinckert, their challenge was to achieve the creative, but at the same time Illinois was still under a stay at home order, and the need called to specifically shoot a fleet of DeLoreans driving to Chicago.

The look the creatives and director were going for was a post-apocalyptic landscape with warehouse-lined streets, a big industrial skyline, and a gritty, dusty, rusty atmosphere. The Calumet – East Chicago area of Indiana, once known for steel mills and smokestacks and now populated by natural gas & refinery companies, turned out to be a perfect fit.

The production team had to focus on the plan to shoot in this Covid-19 atmosphere on May 29th, weeks before most productions were shooting and standards for live-action production had been put into place. 

Watch the finished product below!

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Embarking on a Covid commercial production can be a little scary, but as everyone moves forward for the near future, we’ll all need to find solutions to successfully produce creative briefs. This may take a little more nimbleness, and a little less comfort for those accustomed, but for production companies like Explore, these productions fit right into their wheelhouse.

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