Escape Pod invites guests to hear Bob Hoffman speak

Bob Hoffman aka “The Ad Contrarian”

San Francisco adman Bob Hoffman whose “The Ad Contrarian” blog was named by Business Insider as one of the world’s most influential marketing and advertising blogs, is speaking in Chicago for the first time in his lengthy career.

Hoffman was invited by creative director Vinny Warren to speak to Escape Pod staff and guests Thursday, Nov. 19, at its West Loop offices. Hoffman’s presentation will be based on a lot of what he talks about in his new book, “Marketers are from Mars, Consumers from New Jersey.”

“It’s more of a party for people to come hear Bob Hoffman speak,” says Warren, a longtime fan of the West Coast guru.

An advertising veteran of more than 25 years, Hoffman knows what he’s blogging about to have earned the title of “the most provocative man in advertising.”  Currently a partner in Type A Group, Hoffman had been chairman/CEO of San Francisco’s Hoffman Lewis agency for 22 years and before that had headed Mojo USA, winning many honors along the way.

His incisive, thought-provoking online opinion blogs about the adworld have been called “caustic yet truthful” by the Wall Street Journal, “fabulously irreverent” by Time Magazine and “savage critiques of digital hype” by the Financial times. 

One of the most sought after international speakers on advertising, Hoffman has spoken to conferences all over the US, in Canada, the US, Spain and Belgium.

Guests are welcome to the evening with Bob Hoffman at 400 N. Peoria, 6-11 p.m. augmented by tacos, cocktails and music. No RSVPs necessary.