Ericka Porter talks “Confessions of a Media Maven”

Porter's memoir is available at Amazon

Porter’s memoir is available at Amazon

Through tales of
abuse and triumph,
the memoir
emphasizes the
difficult, rewarding,
and perpetual journey
that goes into self-love


This week, Ericka Porter, MBA (also known as Ericka Mauldin) published a memoir about her life, inside and outside the media universe, titled Confessions of a Media Maven.

“It actually covers all areas of my life and who I am as a mompreneur, a divapreneur, an entrepreneur, and a media maven,” says Porter.

Confessions of a Media Maven follows Porter’s life, from an impoverished childhood in the projects of Covington, Kentucky to a career as a television producer in Chicago, Illinois and the owner of two production companies, Edit Talent Group and Chicks that Pitch.

“I was in a single-parent household where my mother was sick, she had an addiction,” states Porter.

“There were a lot of things that happened to us growing up under her care because she was not able to take care of us or herself. I was the oldest of four girls, and I was raped, molested for years.”

Porter’s memoir discusses the depression and suicidal thoughts that accompanied her childhood, but it also emphasizes the “dreamer” mentality that she held onto.

Porter emphasizes, “I saw color in life. I saw TV. I saw movies. I had to imagine things outside of my home.”

According to Porter, ironically, when she became pregnant at 15, it sparked the process of healing her own mother’s addiction. “That actually saved her life because it woke her up,” says Porter.

Porter’s own path towards feeling a sense of self-worth, owning two production companies, and becoming a “media maven” has been a long process.

“The biggest challenge is really overcoming fear… I talk about this in my book, being fearful of things, being fearful of success, being fearful of perception.”

Overall, Confessions of a Media Maven emphasizes the difficult, rewarding, and perpetual journey that goes into self-love.



Even years after becoming a successful businesswoman and coming to terms with the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, Porter was sexually assaulted in 2014. The event took place after she had already begun writing Confessions of a Media Maven.

Porter had just made the decision to start being honest about her past and begin the memoir.

Then, according to Porter, she “was sexually assaulted onset by talent… The guy was arrested. He lost his job.”

Despite the man facing these repercussions, throughout the process, Porter came to believe that the production company she was working with was far more interested in protecting themselves than protecting her.

“I literally wrote my book in chaos,” comments Porter.

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She reveals, “I was afraid. I wanted to do this anonymously. I didn’t want my family to look at me any kind of way. I didn’t want the industry to look at me any kind of way. I didn’t want to hinder the potential of me getting jobs.”

Despite the fear, she found the courage to persist and complete her memoir.

Porter credits her faith, her creative drive, and her many positive influences among family, colleagues, and friends for the support and positivity that helped her along the way.

Though chapters in Porter’s story are heavy and painful, she confronts tragedies with frankness and an infectious optimism.

While Confessions of a Media Maven highlights the world of abuse and the culture of silence, it also showcases the technical process of attaining professional success in the media industry, the positive impact of the #metoo movement, and the significance of moving beyond fear and telling the truth.

Ericka Porter, MBA is the founder and owner of Edit Talent Group and Chicks that Pitch. She speaks regularly at events, such as Tell Your Story and has also been featured on TLC’s This is Life Live: Where are They Now, and Oprah’s Life Class.

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