Episode Recap: Emmett is welcomed to “New Chi City”

Jacob Latimore as Emmett in THE CHI, “New Chi City”. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.

As the Season 6 premiere of The Chi unfolded Sunday night, our favorite characters found themselves entangled in complex relationships and risky ventures, with some facing life-altering decisions.

Emmett (Jacob Latimore) and Kiesha’s (Birgundi Baker) morning intimacy takes a turn when Kiesha becomes disinterested and confronts Emmett about his neglect of their crying children. Amidst their bickering, Kiesha reveals her pursuit of a teaching job, which hinges on a crucial observation.

On the other hand, Emmett is caught off guard when he meets Otis “Douda” Perry (Curtiss Cook), his new business partner, outside his apartment. Instead of something ominous, Douda surprises Emmett by taking him suit shopping and toasting to “new beginnings and new friendships.” However, the reality of his involvement with Douda sinks in when he is asked to hold a gun, hinting at the dangerous world he has stepped into.

As Kiesha faces her observation, she finds herself at odds with the classroom teacher’s decision to pressure a male student into reading in front of the class. Despite the clash, Kiesha eventually secures the teaching position, bringing some positive news to her and Emmett’s life.

Excitement and tension escalate when Emmett informs Kiesha about Douda’s involvement in getting him a new car, a substantial sum of money in his bank account, and the potential expansion of Smokey’s to New York. Despite Kiesha’s reservations about Douda’s influence, they set it aside to celebrate her new job.

However, happiness turns to conflict when Kiesha discovers that Emmett bought Tiffany a vehicle without consulting her, on Douda’s suggestion. This leads to a heated argument, and Emmett leaves the house without revealing his destination. He ends up in a bar with Douda and his hired car thieves, where he witnesses a chilling display of violence and power when Douda casually shoots a man who had annoyed him earlier.

Hannaha Hall as Tiff in THE CHI, “New Chi City”. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.
(L-R): Jacob Latimore as Emmett and Iman Shumpert as Rob in THE CHI, “New Chi City”. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.

Elsewhere, Victor and Tierra continue their relationship following Victor’s declaration in the previous season’s finale. As Victor faces the election, his campaign manager, Quincy, suggests that a viral moment could boost his chances of winning the city council seat. Victor’s narrow win leads to Quincy becoming his chief of staff, and Tierra stands by his side at the victory party, despite concerns about transphobic backlash.

In a separate storyline, Kevin is now an emancipated minor and moves into his own apartment. While he adjusts to his new living situation, he throws a party with friends and shares a kiss with Maisha. Douda, Tracy, Rob, Marcus, Fatima, Jemma, and Papa also navigate their respective relationships and endeavors throughout the episode.

(Shamon Brown Jr. as Papa in THE CHI, “New Chi City”. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.
(L-R): Joel Steingold as Marcus and NIa Jervier as Tierra in THE CHI, “New Chi City”. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.

As the New Chi City premiere unfolds, the characters face challenges, choices, and the consequences of their actions, promising an intense and captivating season ahead.

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