Entries open for 2016 AICE Camp Kuleshov challenge

Entrants in AICE’s 2016 international Camp Kuleshov trailer competition this year will compete for a prestigious new top award from the second annual challenge assistant to editors, mixers and graphic designers.

Assistants at any AICE member company (or freelance assistants sponsored by an AICE company) are invited to submit entries to any category, regardless of what discipline they work in.

Deadline for entries is Monday, September 12, 2016.

2016 Grand Prize winners in each category will be presented with a newly-named honor, “The Lev,” in honor of Lev Kuleshov, Russian film theorist and inventor of the “Kuleshov Effect” as AICE borrows a page from motion picture and TV academies’ penchant for giving their awards proper names.

Two of the three 2015 Grand Prize winners were Cutters’ David Rubin for the Editing category and Mike Regan of Another Country for the Sound Design category.

The Chicago Chapter’s CK16 competition will also include its Tent City section, in which member company employees can submit entries even if they’re not working as assistants. Prior Tent City winning entries have been submitted by runners, receptionists, interns and other non-assistants.

Lists of source films for CK16, along with the briefs and entry rules for this year’s competition, were put together by the CK Committee, which includes Cutters’ Kathryn Hempel, who launched the original trailer competition (then known as Trailer Park) in Chicago in 2001.

Find full details on the competition here

For more information on Camp Kuleshov, email counselor@campkuleshov.com. To view the 2015 winners, click here.