Egg Board introduces ‘dinner egg’ mockumentary


The American Egg Board has cooked up the biggest food discovery since the breakfast egg.

Say good evening to… The Dinner Egg!

A new mockumentary, created by AOR Energy BBDO, explains the discovery and origin of the new food.

Supply and Demand’s Amy Nicholson, takes a Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy type of approach in making sense (or senselessness) out of the ridiculous notion of chickens laying eggs at night.

Using farmer and grocery store owner “testimonials,” the director introduces us to egg farmers around the country who have started noticing their hens laying eggs at night. This has grown into the phenomenon called the Dinner Egg. Watch the very LOL video below:

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According to Energy BBDO, the inspiration for the “documentary”, titled “Nightshifters: The Dinner Eggs Phenomenon,” comes from a study done by Russell Research. They found that 80 percent of Americans struggle to think about eggs served in any occasion other than breakfast.

The Dinner Egg campaign disrupts the notion that eggs are only for breakfast and highlights the versatility of one of the most delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare sources of protein available. Dinner Eggs are flipping people’s ideas about eggs, literally and figuratively, in this new film.

Think I’m going to make an frittata for dinner.

Client: American Egg Board

Agency: Energy BBDO
   Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Ordóñez
   Executive Creative Director: Josh Gross, Pedro Pérez
   Creative Director: Dan McCormack, Fernando Passos, Jon Leachman
   Art Director: Nick Sesto, Daniel Pujol, Chris George
   Copywriter: Mark Price, Matt Kane, Paul Carpenter
   Client Service Director: Liz Gruszkievicz
   Account Director: Abby Bridgeo Muti
   Account Executive: Gabrielle Belavsky, Anna Axley
   Group Strategy Director: Ludwig Ortiz
   Integration Strategist: Brigid Slattery
   Head of Integrated Production: John Pratt
   Producer: Danielle Keenan
   Project Manager: Gabrielle Granados

Production Company: Supply and Demand, LA
   Executive Producer: Tim Case
   Line Producer: Steve Ross
   Director: Amy Nicholson
   Director of Photography: Tom Suhrstedt

Editorial Company: Flare Chicago
   Senior Editor: Casey Cobler
   Audio Engineer: Steve Aguilar
   Post Producer: Samantha Vaupel
   Senior Post Producer: Jenny McDonald

Colorist: Maria Carretero, Framestore Chicago

Source: Energy BBDO

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