Energy BBDO loses Lay’s to new assignment approach

ON THE HEELS of Energy BBDO losing the Bud Light business to BBDO’s flagship New York office, Lay’s potato chips has said goodbye.

Energy BBDO isn’t being replaced by another agency-of-record, but by “multiple agencies for content,” said Frito-Lay’s North American CMO Ram Kirshnan.

Frito-Lay has shifted to a project-by-project, brand-by-brand approach, tapping the best suited for the assignment from among multiple and different types of agencies.

For its summer campaign, Lay’s will use digital shop Deep Focus and The Marketing Arm, which handles in-store advertising, Ad Age reported.

CANNES DO. Three Chicago filmmakers are off to the May 13-24 Cannes Film Festival. Husband-and-wife team of EP Joe Orlandino and writer/director Lucia Mauro will attend the screening of their first film, “In My Brother’s Shoes,” at the Festival’s Short Film Corner. 

Actress/producer Grace McPhillips, who will seek distribution opportunities for her feature, “The Other One,” will appear on a panel, “Cutting Edge Collaborators: Women Achieving in Film,” at the Hotel Majestic on May 19.

INNOVATOR HOWARD TULLMAN, founder/CEO of tech incubator 1871 and Tribeca Flashpoint Academy will be honored at the 2015 Public Humanities Award Benefit Luncheon Thursday, May 14 at the Palmer House. He is being recognized for his significant contributions to the civic and cultural life of the state through the humanities.

NFL DRAFT TOWN brought 200,000 visitors to Chicago, helped fill 5,500 hotel rooms, was the most tweeted sports program over the past 12 years and Local 475 filled 300 jobs, while the Teamsters and Stagehands were acclaimed as the real workforce behind the scenes.

“MORRIS THE CAT” of 9Lives/Leo Burnett fame was named a national icon in the “30-Second Stars” category of the “Salute to Advertising’s Greatest Icons’” exhibit at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, now through Oct 31.

“The Clark Gable of Cats” was one of 10 honored icons, of which Leo Burnett, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, created nine of them and FCB the tenth. 

Morris owes his celebrity to Leo Burnett himself, who rescued him from the Hinsdale Humane Society. Catch this cat on his YouTube series.

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