Emmy-certified composer Greg Nicolett offers low cost original music alternative to library tracks

WHO HE IS: Classically-trained “lower cost alternative” composer Greg Nicolett, 25, garnered Emmy certification in 2003 as an arranger for Brian Keane Music’s score for HBO’s “Legendary Nights” boxing series.

That was when he was a University of Michigan music composition student, interning that summer for composer Keane. Nicolett graduated in 2004.

RECENT WORK: Nicolett scored director Chris Charles’ “The Small Assassin,” a 35-minute short based on Ray Bradbury’s short story that was targeted for Sundance submission.

He mostly records music at studios like Hinge, 3Pear or Experimental Sound and brings the master back to his South Loop project studio for mixing on ProTools 7.

HOW HE VIEWS HIS JOB: “I put together a package deal for low-budget indie films. I do everything?compose, mix, allocate the sound budget and recruit musicians.”

PROS: The thrill of enhancing a film’s emotional core.

CONS: Solitary work. “While I like that solitude, I need to make an effort to put myself out there and not be inclusive.”

KEY TO SUCCESS: “Maintaining a sense of integrity and balancing my own musical sensibilities while catering to the needs of the project.”

ON THE SIDE: Through his iTunes podcast “Score Source,” he reviews the scores of two newly-released films per month.

BACKSTORY: The young boy who played in symphonies and orchestras while growing up in Monroe, a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. In college in 2002, he became a prot?g? of the multi-instrumentalist/composer Brian Keane, with whom he has a continuing relationship.

He moved to Chicago from Connecticut for personal reasons?his college sweetheart works here?and says he “loves the easy-going and creative atmosphere that Chicago fosters.”

He’s scored commercials, some docs and “lots of indie films, largely shorts, for filmmakers who value original music over library tracks.”

BIG BREAKS: In addition to his Brian Keane affiliation, Nicolett made career-forward connections while working at a small L.A. recording studio. Appealing music on a commercial led to his scoring five webisodes and DVD content last fall for the WB’s “Smallville:The Vengeange Chronicles,” and “Smallville: 100th. Episode Special.” Both starred Chloe from the series.

WORDS OF WISDOM: “Make it clear to people that you’re enjoying what you’re doing and keep a positive attitude. Make sure you’re fun to work with.”

HIS ULTIMATE GOAL: “To win an Oscar and to build lasting relationships with Midwest directors.”

A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: “Getting goose bumps from the music while watching movies as a kid on the crappy TV at home. I was always very affected by music.”

Greg Nicolett can be reached at 312/880-0121 or 203/305-3460; Email: 2soulstudios@gmail.com. See www.gregnicolett.com.