Eleven04 Story Forge online screenwriting competition


As COVID-19 has reached its third month here in the U.S., it’s exciting to know there are still contests and challenges to help industry folks stay on their toes.  A perfect example is Eleven04’s Story Forge Online Screenwriting Competition Event, which happened last Wednesday, virtually. 

Eleven04, a Pilsen based equipment rental house, co-lab, production facility, and studio, often hosts events for independent filmmakers in Chicago. 50 scripts were submitted to the contest, and five were selected.  

Attendees explored the scripts, and mixed and mingled with other filmmakers from the safety of their own homes.  At the end, the audience picked their favorite scripts based upon the story.  


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Get involved! From now until 5pm on June 5th Eleven04 has opened up the competition on their social media.  Just jump onto Eleven04’s Facebook or Instagram, and “like” the story you want to vote on.  It’s as simple as that!   

Not only does the winner get awesome bragging rights, but the production will be fully produced by the amazing Eleven04 team; this includes access to their high-end camera and lighting gear, studio space, post resources, and endless network!  

The winner also gets a write up in Reel Chicago about their film. 

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“Unearth” written by Emma Pillsbury:
Rowan, a pregnant single mother, must brave the toxic outside world alone, in order to save her younger sister from the Rain Walkers before they ‘baptize’ her in the earth’s lethal rain, converting her to their kind.

“Little” written by Tyler Dai:
A mother and daughter travel together to clean a middle class home in Lincoln park. The story is told from two drastically different perspectives. Childhood versus adulthood; Chinese mother versus American born daughter… their language barriers and culture barriers create an intimate yet unique relationship.

“Cuffing Season” written by Michael Sapieja:
Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy. But she’s a bank robber…and so is he. And they’re casing the same joint!

“Semana Santa” written by Christian Mejía:
In order to appease a devout and exacting matriarch, a mostly secular Mexican-American family participates in a week-long religious ritual that tests their resolve and familial bonds, as they struggle to find a place for Catholicism in their lives.

“The West Virginian Starfish” by Hyten Davidson:
After the mysterious exit of her father, Carly is stuck with his old mission- picking up defeated thru-hikers from The Appalachian Trail by her home in West Virginia. One hiker’s companionship over the course of a night, however, will set Carly on a new path forever.