Eightball opens new post division

Six-year old Eightball Films in early October will open a new post operation, to be called Island Nation and staffed with four full-time editors.

A major addition to Island Nation will be Brett Nelson’s Flame. His Fire Rose Pictures will relocate to Eightball’s River West space.

The new post division will be located on the first floor and the production side of the company is in the process of moving to the second floor. Both floors are 5,000-sq. ft.

Producer Eric George, a co-owner (with executive producer Ted Lega and editor Clark Jackson) calls Island Nation “a natural evolution to the post side, with enough editing business to justify it. It’s more about separating the two arms of our company ?production and post ? and giving the post side its own identity.”

Having a separate post operation will be helpful to Eightball clients, George added. “This way they can shoot or edit with us, or do both.”

Eightball regularly works with a “permanent freelance” staff of about 10, said George.

Eightball is located at 167 N. Racine; phone, 312/492-6669.