ECD Matt Kuttan serves help to restaurants with new app

(Help for restaurant workers)

There are now 22,025 confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 cases and 794 deaths in Illinois. The pandemic has ravaged the economy from local independent movie theaters to Boeing. One of the hardest hit industries has been hospitality, which has been shut down since Governor Pitzker ordered them shut across Illinois on March 15.

With over 3 million “dine-in” workers displaced nationally, award-winning Executive Creative Director Matt Kuttan has paired up with Chicago-based Clockedin to launch networking app to help frontline workers get a head start finding work when recovery does begin.

Backed by funding from the humanitarian-focused Kairos Society, Clockedin’s mission is to make restaurant worker’s lives easier by connecting them directly with hiring managers and industry influencers.

The website says, “While it is best to be optimistic about a positive economic return following the Covid-19 closures, current data tells us, it is highly likely that 1 in 3 restaurant workers will not get their old jobs back. And, since the competition for new roles will be even more intense, taking proactive steps today, is as vital as ever to get back on track.”

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“Think of it as Tinder for restaurant workers,” according to Kuttan who has spent much of his career leading creative solutions for brands ranging from McDonald’s to Coca-Cola to Allstate at agencies including Burrell, Saatchi X, J. Walter Thompson Dubai and Leo Burnett. He adds, “Clockedin is the go-to solution for permanent and on-demand positions in the evolving hospitality industry.”

Matt Kuttan

As the crisis moves into recovery, there will be more people looking for immediate work than anytime in recent history. The reality of restaurant jobs is low-wage part-time hours which means that workers need multiple jobs to earn a livable income. 

The Clockedin app provides instant access to work opportunities for those who build a strong reputation and professional connections in their market. In turn, managers can recruit at the push of a button. The power of the network gives people immediate access to short and long term earning opportunities helping them balance work and life.

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Eric Smith

The app was created by Molly’s Cupcakes owner Eric Smith. The entrepreneur believes the future of employment opportunities lies in connections. “A connected workforce matches the supply of workers with the demands of operations in real-time, generating higher quality matching that is faster and at a lower cost to all stakeholders,” Smith states on his Linkedin.

“Clockedin is a labor network that helps organizations and individuals leverage their industry connections to foster short term and long term employment relationships. Companies use our platform to transform human capital, streamline operations and drive bottom line. Workers use our platform to access instant earning opportunities and develop career pathways.”

New jobs app Clockedin

Available for iOS and Android, Clockedin is simple to use. Just download the free app, build a profile, and connect with the people and companies you want to work with. Currently the app claims that 5,000 potential workers have now subscribed as well as 1500 restaurants.

SOURCE: Clockedin

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