Earhole and Optimus’ “Creative Cup” Golf Outing

Rory Mcllroy and Phil Mickelson would be proud. Two of Chicago’s most renowned Post-Production facilities, Earhole Music & Sound and Optimus, joined forces last weekend to launch “The Creative Cup”, an all- day golf extravaganza that pits the Chicago Advertising Creative Community against one another in pursuit of glory.

Taking place at Hawk’s View Golf Club in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, this 36-hole golfing marathon brought together some of Chicago’s most talented Advertising Creatives, including Radio Bob Monachino and an enormous flask of tequila, in the name of fun and glory on the links.

Bob Monachino
Bob Monachino

Departing Chicago in the pre-dawn hours, golfers were shuttled in style to the day’s festivities. Once there, each was assigned to one of two teams: Team Earhole or Team Optimus. A few practice swings and several cups of coffee later (on possibly tequila in Monachino’s case), and the teams set off on their first of two 18-hole journeys.

With advertising being an industry known more for “night owls” than “early risers”, most of Team Earhole and Team Optimus got off to a sluggish start. But the teams were quickly shocked wide-awake when they approached one of Hawk’s View’s legendary elevation changes. Set on the former site of Mt. Fuji Ski Hill, several holes have dramatic elevation changes that are not for the faint of heart.

Sensing opportunity, Team Optimus stepped up big on these holes, edging themselves to an early team lead. After the first 18 holes were in the books, Team Earhole and Team Optimus took a quick lunch break before hitting the links for the second 18-hole round of the day.

This time, the teams pitted themselves against a Par 3 course, playing a scramble-style match. While Team Earhole shot well, Team Optimus continued its stellar play, widening their lead as the round wore on.

In the end, this lead was too large for Team Earhole to overcome, and Team Optimus was officially awarded The 2017 Creative Cup.

Though the competition was fierce, The Creative Cup was more focused on fun than anything else. Taking place just one week before Halloween, Earhole and Optimus made sure to schedule in plenty of tricks and treats. Secret bus stops, haunting musical guests, terrifying mystery treats and more set the tone for the day. There was even a special “ghoulish” guest sighting on the 18th green that would give IT’s Pennywise a run for his money.

Tom Duff
Tom Duff

Tom Wiebe, Executive Producer for Earhole Music & Sound, had this to say about the event: “It was an honor working with our friends at Optimus to host the First Annual Creative Cup. For over two decades, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with creative talent from agencies all across Chicago, who in our opinion are some of the best creatives in the entire advertising industry. It was truly a special moment for us to bring together all these great colleagues and friends. We look forward to hosting The Creative Cup for many years to come!”

Tom Duff, President of Optimus, had to say about the chimed in, “It was truly a great day, full of amazing people, unforgettable in so many ways. Teaming with our buds at Earhole is always a pleasure for us, but this event was so over the top fabulous. Getting the chance to hang with so many wonderful clients/friends is simply priceless.”

With this year’s event, barely in the record books, plans are said to be already in motion to raise the stakes for the 2018 Creative Cup. No word on whether or not the teams stayed for the fish fry.

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