Dworzanczyk’s short “Marlin” a dark fantasy

MATT DWORZANCZYK recently completed production on his 17-minute film “Marlin,” a dark fantasy from Bogar Alonso’s script. The story is about a little girl kidnapped by a strange man trying to regain his childhood memories, whom she believes to be Santa Claus.

It stars Jim Marchert as Marlin/Santa Claus, Chad Meyer and Jaqueline Scislowski as the nine-year old girl.

Directed and produced by Dworzanczyk, period scenes were filmed in the 1830s Dole mansion in Crystal Lake with a crew of area professionals and film students. Chandra Stapleton co-produced, DPs were Del Water and Kacper Skowron; Axel Kurtz edited and Petter Wahlback provided the score.

Dworzanczyk says the $20,000 budgeted production was “big and truly unique, involving period and fantasy sets and costumes, special effects makeup, period vehicles, stop motion and rear screen projection, water and fire stunts.”

A preview screening will be held June 12 at the River Front Plaza theatre.