Duncan to Cutters as executive producer

Within the space of a year, post house executive Craig Duncan has come full circle.

Leaving Detroit’s multi-division Grace & Wild after more than a decade for single-service Red Car editorial, he’s now Cutters, Inc.’s newly appointed executive producer of Cutters Editorial, and also leads the company’s other divisions, Sol Design, Another Country, Dictionary Films and Picnic.

Duncan will work with long-time Cutters staffer, Cindy Duffy, who has been elevated from executive producer to director of post production of all five divisions.

“I have nothing but respect for the people I worked with at Red Car and I wish them all the success in the world. But timing is what it is,” says Duncan, who had been VP/general manager of Grace & Wild’s post divisions Griot and Postique.

The appeal of Cutters, he says, “Is having many more services [beyond editorial] to offer and I’m used to that. Cutters scope suits my experience level and is definitely more of where I come from.”

Cutters’ president/founder Tim McGuire is equally pleased about Duncan, whom he’s known for several years through serving together on the AICE international executive board. “I know what a great job he’s been doing in Chicago,” McGuire says. “Craig has all the attributes of a prototypical executive producer and he will be connecting with clients about what the Cutters brand is all about and they serve their needs.”