DPC’s ‘milestone’ in Lottery ads launches Monday

It’s ready to go. And it will definitely mark a new era in Illinois Lottery advertising. On Monday,  the Lottery unveils its first ad campaign from Downtown Partners/Chicago and its digital partner Critical Mass.

The first 30-second commercial that will begin airing Monday is a marked departure from the humor-based work that has dominated Illinois Lottery advertising for many years.  We will have more on the content of the debut spot in Tuesday’s column, but the tagline for the new campaign is “Anything’s Possible.”  The campaign taps into the notion that optimism is alive and well in Illinois.

Noted Illinois Lottery superintendent Michael Jones:  “When Downtown Partners and Critical Mass presented to the Lottery review team the concept ‘if  you believe anything can happen it might,’ we knew we were in the room with a marketing company that understood the promise of the Lottery.”  

Jones went on to call this first campaign from Downtown Partners a “milestone” in lottery advertising.

Downtown Partners/Chicago and Critical Mass prevailed in a review for the Lottery account after Energy BBDO/Chicago was dumped as ad agency of record last fall.  Energy BBDO had teamed with Northstar Lottery Group, which in 2010 became the first private manager in the history of the Illinois Lottery.  

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