D.P. Carlson’s rock doc “The Bears: Out of Hibernation” debuts Oct. 9 at the Film Center

Prog rock guitar hero Adrian Belew of King Crimson reunites with his bandmates in the rock quartet The Bears, in Film Foetus’ new rockumentary “The Bears: Out of Hibernation.”

“The Bears” has its world premiere Oct. 5 in Cincinnati, where three of the Bears live, then has its Chicago debut in screenings at the Film Center Oct. 9 and 13.

“Adrian’s work is multifaceted, really across the board, and he sticks with The Bears because he likes their format and he likes playing with these guys,” said director D.P. Carlson of Film Foetus. “The joy is going out on the road and being with each other.”

Carlson captures that joy, as well as the frustrations and mundanities of independent touring, in “Out of Hibernation.”