Dirk Wales author/founder of Rainbow Productions dies

Dirk Wales, author filmmaker 1931 – 2020

Dirk Wales 1931 – 2020

In true dramatic fashion, on November 27th Dirk Wales moved on to his next great adventure. He was 89 years young.

Dirk was born in New York city and raised in California. He studied theatre at UCLA, where he learned how to be an actor, writer, script writer, set designer, director, producer, storyteller, gaffer, etc., and did sixteen plays a year where he won best director’s award for two plays that he wrote.

This launched him first into TV and then into advertising. Never one to follow convention, he left his successful advertising career and at age 41 founded Rainbow Productions, a film company he started in Chicago which he led to great acclaim. He made Museum films, Educational films as well as physician education/marketing films/video for multinational pharma companies. He has won 124 National and International Film Festival Awards.

Always full of boundless creativity, at age 72 he wrote his first children’s book – Owney, a Lucky Dog – that has gone on to be a best seller.

But for Dirk, what he did was not as important has How he did it. He believed completely in the possible and never let a little thing like reality get in the way. He pushed the limits of film-making, photography, and writing.

He inspired others to try new things, encouraged others to take risks, and was generous in helping others to have new experiences. He was a talented and creative force of energy and ideas with a gargantuan laugh and brightened any room he walked into. He was truly a lucky dog.

“Dirk Wales not only creates masterpieces, he is a masterpiece.” – ImaginePublicity 

Dirk is survived by his three children; Dirk O. Wales (Linda), Jessica W. Pugil and Stacey W. Evenson (Jeff) and seven grandchildren.  We will always remember the wonderful experiences we had with him. A celebration of his life will be held on Sunday, December 13th at 4:00pm, Central. For more information, contact stacey@productioncentral.com.

Our condolences to Dirk’s family.

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