Directors imported for Burnett Olympic bid films

Leo Burnett imported Los Angeles directors and personnel to shoot footage for Chicago 2016 Olympic “bid films” aimed at showing the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission that Chicago is a city worthy of hosting the Olympics.

Although Leo Burnett and its Chicago 2016 Olympic (OC) client bypassed Chicago production companies to shoot beauty shots of their city, they twisted some local vendors’ arms for the lowest possible rates for last week’s shoot.

What also stung was that the L.A. production companies sent in L.A. crew people, whose paid jobs amounted to a great many man-day jobs lost to Chicagoans.

Some vendors voluntarily gave discounts because of the nature of the project. Others were offended by being asked for rock bottom prices when Leo Burnett does so little business with Chicago production houses.

As one supplier succinctly put it, “If Leo Burnett wants us to help out, give us more business.”

The same supplier was told by a freelance agency producer if he didn’t go along with low rates he’d have the agency president call and berate him for his attitude.

The 10 to 16 finished promos are aimed at convincing the Evaluation Commission during its critical week’s visit here in early April, that Chicago ? vying with Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo ? has the stuff to win the Olympic gold.