Digital Kitchen supports launch of AI-powered TV

Zone•tv is taking a quantum leap forward in the television viewing experience with the recently announced launch of 14 curated TV channels delivering digital-first content augmented with artificial intelligence.

The company announced that it is enlisting top-tier brand design agency Digital Kitchen to help shape and introduce its delivery of next generation television.

What is Zone•tv? The company describes itself as kind of a “Spotify” for the TV audience — a new cable/satellite content category that offers a personal user experience, blending the convenience of linear viewing with the flexibility of on-demand programming in a highly-personalized viewing experience.

In other words, it suggests what to watch based on your viewing habits. Watch the video below developed by DK:

DK will create a branding platform for Zone•tv that includes developing its brand position, strategy and the brand’s look and feel to the consumer. The agency will also create unique brand personalities for each of the current 14 channels and will create cross-channel marketing and promotions explaining Zone•tv’s unique features. It recently launched a new branding film for Zone•tv.

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The end of channel surfing as we loathe it.
The end of channel surfing as we loathe it.

Jeff Weber, CEO of Zone•tv had this to say, “Zone•tv is going to totally change the television viewing experience for today’s consumer. Explaining how Zone•tv works and the technology that makes it possible is important. That’s why we’ve turned to Digital Kitchen. They understand how to take new complex ideas and technology and make it understandable for all audiences.”

Don McNeill, CEO of Digital Kitchen, explained how he believes Zone•tv will disrupt TV viewing and advertising.

“Consider a television experience that delivers programming to you – as you lean back – based on shows you watch and like … a system that uses AI to suggest and stream programming right to your television — using your own behavior and preferences, anticipating what you might want to watch next. It’s the end of channel surfing as we loathe it.”

The Zone•tv Dynamic Channels will curate content based on a variety of genres under titles including Foodies, Great Outdoors, Motors, Styler, and Mancave, among many others. Zone·tv has secured more than 70,000 shows not found on television, from a variety of established and emerging content providers.

Selections of Zone•tv’s diverse programming can be seen on AT&T U-verse, Comcast, DIRECTV, CenturyLink, TELUS, Bell Canada, Frontier Communications and others.

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