DGA & AMPTP set negotiation date; WGA prepares for contract talks

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have agreed to enter into formal contract negotiations on May 10 for the 2023 BA/FLTTA Agreement.

The DGA’s current contract with the AMPTP expires on June 30. DGA leaders who normally begin negotiations before the Writers Guild of America (WGA), said that “the studios are not yet prepared to address our key issues.”

The WGA starts contract talks with the AMPTP on March 20. When the WGA were the first to negotiate back in 2007 the result was a 100-day writers strike. If talks between studios and streamers and the WGA break down after bargaining, the guild could call a strike authorization vote. The overall tone from the writers is solidarity. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Here is the DGA leadership’s full statement released to its members today:

“We are committed to negotiating a contract that treats our members fairly and with respect while defending the future of this industry – a future we will all build together. The DGA knows how to win, and — with your help — we will win again.”

“As we press forward on your core issues – wages, streaming residuals, health and pension plans, creative rights, diversity and safety – we will continue to be led by our Negotiating Committee, made up of more than 80 members from all categories, genres, and geographic areas,” the message continued. “We will maintain a laser focus on achieving a fair contract that will allow you to participate in the global growth of this industry and the distribution of your work around the world.

“For more than a year and a half we have been preparing, listening to the concerns of our members, researching the issues and consulting with industry experts so we are in the best possible position to achieve our goals. Our strategic bargaining process ensures that we reach the strongest contract with your participation and your voice at the table.

“Towards that end, we are forming a DGA Outreach Team made up of DGA members across our entire membership. The purpose of the Outreach Team is to:

  • Provide communication to each of you about negotiations
  • Support increased member engagement and awareness around our contract issues and demands
  • Communicate with you about member meetings, virtual and in-person activities and mobilization
  • Answer your questions in real time about the issues or the process.

 “The history of our industry is a story about evolution and technological change. Today is no different. The DGA has always protected our members’ future by anticipating where the industry is going, where future growth will take place and negotiating agreements that reap benefits now and more significantly, in the future. Today, this means addressing the impact of vertical integration and company self-dealing as well as the studios’ increasingly international focus.”

The message was signed by negotiations chair Jon Avnet, negotiations co-chair Karen Gaviola, negotiations co-chair Todd Holland and National Executive Director Russ Hollander. 

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