DePaul’s Matt Irvine believes its digital grad
courses could help rebuild the local industry

Cinema studies director Matt Irvine

DePaul’s School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems (CTI) will offer the Midwest’s first graduate degree programs in digital cinema this fall.

Starting in September, students will be able to choose from a Master of Science degree program, emphasizing technical skills, or a Master of Fine Arts degree focusing on digital storytelling.

“Digital is the way modern movies are being made,” said program director Matt Irvine. “These new programs will provide the extra depth of skills so that graduates can go out and create new works and find careers in movies, advertising, computer graphics, animation and gaming.”

Irvine sees DePaul’s new program playing a role in rebuilding the visual media heritage to its former glory.

“Chicago is a huge city, but the film community is small here, and it wasn’t always that way,” he said.

“Having more directors and producers here will mean that more people will be able to shoot movies here in their entirety, using Chicago money and Chicago talent. If you do that, you will build up the film community again.”

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