Deer hunting with bow-and-arrows

A band of brothers, allied as Wensel/Mitten Productions, are producing their third multi-layered documentary on hunting whitetail deer with bows and arrows in the wilds of Manitoba, Canada.

The deer conservationists and friends of the environment are the Wensel brothers, formerly of Montana and now from Libertyville, Iowa, and the three Mitten brothers who live in northern Lake County.

The current untitled doc, now in the editing stage, is a sequel to their perennially popular 2003 doc, “Primal Dreams.”

The filmmakers are professional men who have spent their lives in passionate pursuit of bow hunting and the white tail deer.

Twins Gene and Barry Wensel are retired chiropractors who are highly sought lecturers; co-producer Mike Mitten is a cancer researcher; David Mitten is an entomologist and Mark Mitten a chiropractor.

For their current doc, the “brothers of the bow” traveled across nine states and three Canadian provinces over four years to capture traditional bow hunting scenes.

Like their “Primal Dreams,” the sequel will “illustrate honor and respect for animals and their habitat, and depict man’s participation in nature while exploring the reasons for the hunt,” said Mitten.

Capturing more than 1,000 scenes in this latest production, the team used lightweight Canon GL2, XL1 and XL2 cameras to capture more than 1,000 scenes for the sequel. They played alternating roles at times, as videographer and then as bowhunter, using recurves and long bows.