BOO! DDB drops first Skittles Halloween spot in 5 years


The Blair Witch would be proud. Or at least laugh her wrinkly, green ass off.

Some of the best and most innovative advertising to come out of Chicago, and let’s be real – strangest, is the Skittles work from DDB Chicago.

Whether it’s throwing a broadway halftime show with Michael C. Hall or screening a Super Bowl spot for one teenage, the work has consistently been surprising and original.

It makes this writer a little jealous to not work on the brand.

So for Halloween, this writer’s favorite holiday after Chrismukkah, the brand has given us a treat in a new :50-second spot. The first Halloween spot in over five years

Directed by Bjorn Ruhmann of Smuggler, the spot flips the script on a familiar fairytale. The story spotlights a witch who lures a teen into her house with the promise of Skittles.

Her plan is foiled after the teen is so annoying that she ends up begging him to leave the house. It ends with a nice twist on the iconic, “Taste The Rainbow” tagline. Watch below:

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DDB creative director, Nathaniel Lawlor, had this to say about the spot, “In typical Skittles fashion, we took an iconic Halloween story—a witch using candy to lure teens —and flipped it on its head, ultimately turning the evil villain into the hapless victim.”

“Skittles ideas are always rooted in subverting something familiar and turning it into something delightfully unexpected,” added Mitch Rotenberg, senioe associate brand manger. “In the spot, we see a Witch has lured a teenager into her house with the promise of Skittles; what she doesn’t expect is that he’ll be so absurdly annoying, that all she wants is for him to leave. While the Witch seems like the stereotypical character, Skittles has modernized her by giving her Velcro sneakers and a large cooking pot or “bath” instead of a cauldron.”

I will now go out and annoy the rainbow!

Client: Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC.
   Debbie Litow – USA Fruity Confections CBU, Vice President
   Rebecca Duke – Senior Brand Manager, Skittles
   Danielle Feinstein – Senior Associate Brand Manager, Skittles
   Angelina Franco – Manger, Communications & Corporate Affairs

Creative Agency – DDB Chicago
   Ari Weiss – Chief Creative Officer, Global
   John Maxham – Chief Creative Officer, Chicago
   Colin Selikow – Executive Creative Director
   Nathaniel Lawlor – Creative Director
   Ruth Bellotti – Creative Director
   Diane Jackson – Chief Production Officer, Chicago
   Matt Blitz – SVP, Executive Producer
   Jillian English – Production Manager
   Tiffany Cole – Talent Manager
   Josh Drueck – Group Strategy Director
   Jonathan Palmer – Senior Strategist
   Richard Guest – EVP, Global Business Director
   Josh Lenze – Global Brand Lead
   Kyle Piazza – Global Account Supervisor
   Jane Steinhoff – Global Account Executive
   Rahel Rasu – Head of Global Communications
   Christie Griesmaier – Associate Director of Agency Communications

PR Agency – ICF Next

Media Agency – Mediacom

Production Company – Smuggler
   Bjorn Ruhmann – Director
   Patrick Milling-Smith – Executive Producer
   Brian Carmody – Executive Producer

Editorial – Hutch Co Technologies
   Jim Hutchins – Editor

Telecine – The Mill
   Nick Metcalf – Colorist

Audio/Sound Design – Heard City
   Phil Loeb – Engineer


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