Dreams come true in new Blue Moon campaign by DDB

Blue Moon's "Routine" by DDB

Blue Moon’s “Routine” by DDB

A light-hearted
pair of spots
do an excellent job
of implying that
beer makes
everything better

DDB explores a range of the possibilities that a drinker can dream in a colorful new campaign for Blue Moon titled, Once in a Blue Moon.

The effort centers on a pair of light-hearted spots that re-imagine everyday situations with unexpected delights. Routine enlivens a woman’s stroll to work with pleasant surprises like a whale in a fountain, a sky full of hot air balloons, and a store full of lotto winners.



Surface is a quick-hitting visual treat that transforms an image of the moon into the frosty head of a cold beer.



Both of the spots complement the visual pleasantries with upbeat music and incorporate the tagline, “What if once in a blue moon happened more than once in a blue moon?” Although neither of them states that drinking Blue Moon can transform wishful thinking into pleasant surprises, they do an excellent job of implying it.

According to Bryan Ferschinger, vice president of above-premium brands for MillerCoors, the aim of the campaign is to show how Blue Moon can “bring the extraordinary to the everyday.”

“Once in a Blue Moon experiences should happen more than once in a blue moon,” he adds. “We’re trying to show Blue Moon drinkers that they can enjoy something special almost any night of the week.”

The spots are slated to run throughout the fall on 25 national networks and grace more 100 top programs including Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

They will also stream on video services, social media, online video, and cinemas across the United States.

Blue Moon, which got its start as a craft beer at the SandLot Brewery in Denver, CO., will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year.

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