Dan Lombardi’s first show from his new Grand and Noble Productions bows on the Fine Living Network

WHO HE IS: Dan Lombardi is the owner of Grand and Noble Productions, purchased July 1 from company founder/producer Thea Flaum.

WHAT HE DOES: Ensures their staff of six keeps working by originating and developing new story ideas and taking them to market.

WHAT’S THE LATEST: Their new shopping advice show, “The Shopping Detective,” previews Sept. 23, 8-8:30 p.m. on the Scripps Fine Living Network.

Starting Sept. 29, the show will air weekly, 10-10:30 a.m., for 13 weeks. Chicagoan Lindsey Gladstone hosts this round up of shopping tips that taps into every subject imaginable.

PROS: “The satisfaction going home at the 15th hour feeling really good because you’ve earned your pay by working hard.”

CONS: “The misunderstanding that television is glamorous. It’s not all red carpet, it’s hard work.”

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Running back and forth between editing rooms for “The Shopping Detective” and the second season of the DIY Network show, “From Junky to Funky.”

MOST MEMORABLE PROJECT: In 2002, Lombardi produced/directed an HGTV special, “Toys We Grew Up With,” that aired every Christmas day for several years, and met inventors of toys he loved growing up.

BIG BREAKS: Being hired by Thea Flaum in 1994 for an assistant producer’s job on “At the Auction with Leslie Hindman.” “Thea told me the show would air on a brand new cable network that wasn’t out yet called HGTV.”

HEADACHES: “Relying on computers and equipment to do what you need when the deadline can’t be changed.”

KEY TO SUCCESS: “Surround yourself with good people and let them do what they do.”

BACKSTORY: Lombardi has a 1991 BA in communications from Central Connecticut University. He taught community classes and ran Nutmeg TV, a Connecticut public access channel for two years.

Seeking a career in long format television, he knew he needed to move to either L.A., New York, or Chicago. Chicago appears to have been meant to be. “I met Thea within my first three months here.”

ON THE SIDE: He plays bass in rock ‘n’ roll band “Stark Raving Dad.” They play monthly at different times at Muldoon’s in Wheaton and other suburban venues.

WHAT COULD CHICAGO USE: “A few more TV series to keep everyone busy.”

WORDS OF ADVICE: “Learn something positive from everything you do.”

Grand and Noble Productions is located at 515 N. Noble in Chicago; phone, 312/733-3700 See