Daily Planet premieres Streetwise film during gala event

"Like You" for Streetwise by Daily Planet

“Like You” for Streetwise by Daily Planet

“Like You”
is a mini-doc
that celebrates
a community built
on hard work,
and hope

In a three-day span last week, Chicago production and post company Daily Planet shot and edited a film about the people who sell the Streetwise newspaper.

Titled, Like You, the one-minute and 45-second mini-doc is a story told by StreetWise vendors who often commute miles to their jobs every day, just like their customers. In describing the commitment required to sell the monthly publication, the narrative highlights a community that thrives on labor, dedication and hope.

According to its website, StreetWise provides Chicagoans in need with, “a hand up, not a handout” by providing a source of income for those willing to sell its magazine.

But according to Daily Planet President Scott Marvel, that’s just the beginning.

“This is a pretty amazing organization,” he says. “It’s not just vendors selling magazines. It’s people making a living and receiving legal and financial service if they need it. They also have access to computers hosted at StreetWise’s offices.”



Since 2015, Marvel has incorporated StreetWise vendors into videos for GiveaShirt, a Daily Planet charity that creates and sells t-shirts for the benefit of the local homeless community.

With a legion of volunteers from Chicago’s advertising, artistic, and film communities, the effort has helped to raise more than $100,000 for the organization.

Like You is the first project that Daily Planet the company has handled for StreetWise. Directed by long-time staffer Michael Gabriel and written by David Straus — who Marvel describes as “one of those guys who’s an art director and also writes” — the entire project was completed over three days before premiering at the annual StreetWise Gala on Thursday the 27th.

The screening was followed by a live auction and a heads-or-tails game that generated proceeds for the StreetWise organization.

Held at the Galleria Marchetti and dedicated to “Celebrating the 20 Most Inspiring Chicagoans,” the event included StreetWise vendors among the guests and was a “beautiful, great night” according to Marvel.

“The gala was about honoring Chicagoans who have inspired StreetWise,” he explains. “We decided to do a video about people who inspire us, the StreetWise vendors.”

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