Cutters Studios promotes Marian Oliver to Editor

A frame from "Basket," a Meijer spot edited by Marian Oliver, Directed by Per Jacobson

A frame from “Basket,” a Meijer spot edited by Marian Oliver, Directed by Per Jacobson

“We fell for Marian
long ago when she was
assisting Chris Claeys
(and snickering along
with our antics in the
back of his edit suite)”

—Per Jacobson, The Distillery Project


Cutters Studios is very proud to announce the promotion of Marian Oliver to editor. The announcement was made by managing director/partner Craig Duncan and managing editor Grant Gustafson.

Oliver began her career in client services at Red Car Chicago in 2009. After earning her degree from Columbia College Chicago, she joined Cutters in 2012 as an assistant editor, where she has honed her craft alongside some of world’s premier talents working in and beyond the advertising industry.

As one of the company’s busiest and most sought-after rising stars, her most recent projects include campaigns for Meijer, Hallmark, Southwest Airlines, Kiwi, Abbott, belVita, Chamberlain, RetailMeNot and Triscuit.

Marian Oliver
Marian Oliver

In the words of Per Jacobson, Founding Partner and Creative Director for award-winning agency The Distillery Project, “We fell for Marian long ago when she was assisting Chris Claeys (and snickering along with our antics in the back of his edit suite). From day one, she was quick, smart, and had great instincts – which is why we started giving her editing assignments long before she scored the sweet official title of ‘editor.'”

The Distillery Project’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer John Condon added, “They say what we do isn’t rocket science, but then one day you find yourself doing a spot that is in fact rocket science. Marian put together a story that not only explained what it took for the European Space Agency to land a probe on a comet going 34,000 mph, but that also touched people emotionally.”

“I first met Marian at Red Car when I hired her as a receptionist/client service person,” Duncan began. “She had such an infectious personality and a positive, can-do attitude, I knew right away she was someone to keep an eye on. I was very grateful when she chose to join Cutters.”

Chamberlain "Loan / Dad Bod" spot directed by Brian Broeckelman
Chamberlain “Loan / Dad Bod” spot directed by Brian Broeckelman

Duncan continued, “Over the years, she has truly become an MVP, earning the trust of our most esteemed brand and agency clients, our topmost collaborators, and everyone in our organization. It’s a real honor to have been part of her career journey to this point. I have no doubt she will continue to rise and thrive in her new position.”

“The support and leadership at Cutters is unparalleled in my experience, and I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top editors here,” Oliver said. “The nurturing, family-like atmosphere here has allowed me to grow into who I am today, which I am exceedingly grateful for. I am so excited for this next step and more chances to make this company proud.”

An enthusiastic member of the highly respected Free the Bid database of women in the creative industry, Oliver is also a passionate photographer who travels as often as possible in search of the perfect light.

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