Cutters a leader in AICE Awards with 7 finalists nods

Cutters is doing Chicago proud in the 2014 AICE Awards by having scored seven nominations, out of 90 US/Canadian nominees in 30 categories.  Cutters and Beast, with two finalists, compete for the Best of Chicago, and Cutters/Detroit made it into Best of Detroit.

The AICE Awards presentation will be made at Gustavino’s in New York, May 15.

The list was dominated by Cut+Run’s various offices with 12 nominations in a variety of categories, while Umlaut in San Francisco scored eight finalist entries.

Cutters finalists: Comedy, Grant Gustafson, Oscar Mayer, mcgarrybowen; Sound Design, John Binder, Drew Weir, Another Country, Siberia Elite, Tris3ct; Spec Spot, Chris Claeys, Intel;

Best of Chicago, Michael Lippert, IBM, VSA Partners; Best of Detroit, Kevin O’Brien, Chrysler Group, Global Hue.

Cutters’ Flavor division: Design, AICP Show Opener and Kraft, mcgarrybowen.

Beast’s nominees in the Best of Chicago category are Morgan Bradley for Nike, Union Made Creative and John Dingfield for Fiat, Doner.

Optimus editor Craig Lewandowski was one of the three organizers of the AICE Awards Curatorial Committee, comprised of artists from across all post disciplined, who conveneed via conference call to select the finalists and Best of Show winner.