Crocs x McDonald’s serve up new footwear


Love Crocs? Love McDonald’s? You’re in luck. Now you can be a brand ambassador for both as McDonald’s has entered the world of footwear through a collaboration with Crocs.

The new collection features shoes, socks, and “Jibbitz” adorned with McDonald’s advertising characters and iconic red and yellow branding. Fans now have four options to choose from:

Grimace-inspired Combo: Purple sandal and sock combo.

Birdie Clog Combo: Yellow and pink clog with matching socks.

Hamburglar Clog: Black and white clog with animated burger socks.

Menu Item Croc Clog: Red and yellow Croc clog featuring Jibbitz of popular menu items.

Customers can purchase sets of shoes and Jibbitz for $70 to $75 per pair, while socks are priced at $20 per pair. The collection is available on Crocs’ official website and at select retail locations.

This collaboration is not McDonald’s first foray into branded merchandise, as the company continues to capitalize on current trends and social media buzz. Neil Saunders, a retail analyst, noted that Crocs, known for its quirky brand image, is a suitable partner for such collaborations.

While McDonald’s has previously collaborated with various brands, this marks its rare venture into the footwear industry. The move reflects a broader trend of fast-food chains expanding into merchandise sales as a way to engage with fans and create additional revenue streams.

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