Crew goes on the road to Life Fitness

Starting Feb. 26, Concentrated partners Mark Cwiakala and Jon Singer will flex their production muscles for six weeks, producing videos of some of the fittest guys to ever set foot in a college or high school gym.

The subjects will be athletic coaches explaining in great detail how their special strength-training systems work, for client Life Fitness of Schiller Park.

“Each coach’s presentation will be basically a one-day clinic, will could run anywhere from six to hours,” says Cwiakala,” but it won’t be six hours of talking heads as we’ll intercut and edit with appropriate B roll and clips.”

When completed, the DVDs will promote Life Fitness’ cardio and strengthening equipment, such as that used in a weight room, and will be sold on the company’s site and through other outlets.

Cwiakala and Singer, who share creative, production and directorial duties, will shoot in Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Englewood, N.J., San Antonio and San Jose through mid-April.

The partners, both married with young children, started Concentrated in October, 2008, not the most auspicious economic time to launch a new business, especially one in a crowded, competitive field.

“We saw a gap we could fill,” says Cwiakala, who had worked as an ACD in a large integrated marketing firm; Singer’s background was as a photographer/producer with a specialty in retail advertising.