Creative director’s Third Thursday night will greet the summer solstice June 21 at club Lumen

Former agency creative director Don Pogany has launched his own creative shop?”more like Andy Warhol’s Factory than a boutique,” he explained?and planning his third monthly Third Thursday.

This month it falls on June 21, the summer solstice and the theme, “T’is the Season,” will provide an evening of sun-related things, like a bikini-making contest.

Pogany started his Sticky shop in February and in April began the Third Thursdays gatherings at Lumen, a sophisticated club in Fulton Market.

Each month’s gathering has had “an off-the-beaten path vibe,” which is to be expected from Pogany. He spent 16 years at DDB as a VP/group CD running the Bud group, the guys who came up the culture-bending “Whass Up” campaign and Office Max’ Rubberband Man, among other memorable moments in TV advertising.

Sticky is the result of Pogany wanting to do something creative and on his own. His concept is “different people with different backgrounds to converge and collaborate, like a mash-up, to help clients of all size draw people to their brands,” he said.

“I feel that’s the way the world is going.”

The mash-up will derive from Pogany’s developing network of sub-contracted specialists from different fields: a Marina Del Rey art director/web designer with photography and music background; a Flash-expert Atlanta programmer; Chicago graphic designers, photographers, musicians and IT specialists.