Creative director Steven R. Luce’s low-budget heist movie to premiere April 11 at the Pickwick

On smoke breaks from his job as creative director at Covenant Communications, Steven R. Luce would gather with friends under the bridge at Bryn Mawr and Kedzie.

“We talked endlessly about scenes we would love to see in a movie, and the ridiculous cost of movie making,” Luce recalled. “Soon we found ourselves penning a script about a group of friends with big ideas, not unlike our own little circle.”

That script became Luce’s debut feature, “Say Hello To Clive For Me,” which premieres April 11 at the Pickwick Theatre.

“Of course, ?Clive’ takes a slightly different turn than a group of friends who want to be filmmakers, but it was a starting point,” Luce said.

“It’s the story of five aspiring criminals who, with the help of a local delivery runner, stumble on the biggest heist of their young careers, only to find themselves caught in a spiraling game of cat and mouse with a local crime family.”

Starring Victoria Floro, Levin O’Connor, Joy de la Paz, Dan Kuhlman, Keir Thirus, Bill Redding, Sean Michael Kaplan, Cody Lyman, Ryan Chamberlain, Jenna Hastings and Sal Velez, Jr.

Luce raised the under-$25,000 budget through his Back Burner Films, LLC.

“As a graphic designer for 15 years, I know that some of the best work that comes out of our imaginations happens when we don’t have all of the usual luxuries,” he said.