CRC elevates 3 mixers to senior status

Little known fact: Chicago Recording Company, the mainstay of Chicago’s audio recording business for 30 years, is the country’s largest independent recording company in terms of billings, personnel and number of annual projects.

Recently renovated and infused with the energetic management of Michael Gullickson, the company’s first-ever vice president, CRC is aggressively poised for new growth in several directions.

Well-established in advertising, CRC’s expansion will be audio for long form — lower features and independent films, TV shows, documentaries, says Gullickson. “That’s something we can do because we’re such a big facility and we can break the work into different teams and disciplines and produce like it’s done in L.A.”

In addition to its Chicago facility, with a staff of 35, CRC operates Patches Sound, a high end voiceover recording studio in Hollywood, and Glenwood Music Studio in Burbank.

CRC has an engineering staff of 10 mixers, including three newly named senior mixers: Dave Kresl and Dave Kaduk who returned to CRC after ad agency stints, and Eric Cauwels, a 13-year CRC veteran.

“Each works in his own 5.1 mix room, updated with the latest ProTools systems,” Gullickson notes.

Senior mixers in-house agency experience