CPA tells how to navigate the Illinois Tax Credit

AN INFORMATIVE MEETING about the Illinois Filmmakers 30% Tax Credit will take place Wednesday, Jan. 27 to explain how to wend your way through the qualifications to obtain the credit when your film is completed and getting ready to hit the screens.

Organized by Joe Orlandino’s Atlas Media and Stage 32, the knowledgeable main speaker is Christine Fitch of the CPA firm of Catalano & Caboor, who is listed on the Illinois Film Office’s list of accountants to contact about the process. Fitch will also answer questions.

Also speaking are attorney Jerry Glover, partner in Leavens, Strand & Glover, a leading intellectual property firm and IFO executive director Christine Dudley.

The place is the first floor at 435 W. Diversey Parkway, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. No admission few but $5 is the suggested donation at the door.

To clarify: The Illinois tax credit is still viable and applications are being accepted by the 
Illinois Film Office. Issuance of the tax credit, however, will be on hold until the state's
budget crisis has been resolved.

ALL TERRAIN, the experiential marketing firm run by co-founders Sarah Eck-Thompson and Brook Jay, has added three new executives to a team of five as it sets out for expansion into new experiential marketing categories.

Rick Miller, former COO at Chicago-based Marketing Werks, is the new president. Courtney Warren, VP/client services and Dan Brice, SVP/business development and marketing worked with Miller at Marketing Werks.

The company occupies 9,000-sq. ft. offices at 2675 W. Grand.

CALL FOR ENTRIES to the annual AICP Show at the New York Museum of Modern Art are now open. Click here for more information. The deadline to enter work is March 4. Eligibility dates are: Feb. 23, 2015-Feb. 28, 2016. There’s no limit to running time, and work may have aired on any screen.

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