Contursi intros revolutionary new LED lights at NAB

Phil Contursi and the Eco Punch LED light

Phil Contursi of Product Productions says he will be spending all four days at NAB next week in the AAdynTech booth, where he anticipates being busy with visitors wanting to know all about “the explosive, game-changing, wave of the future LED lights” he’s helping AAdynTech introduce.

Post Magazine voted AAdynTech one of the “Top Five Companies” attending NAB, calling their LED product “good for the wallet and good for the environment,” an unbeatable combination.

Contursi can claim bragging rights for having had “an integral part” in the design, build and marketing of AAdynTech revolutionary new lights.

His company, Product Productions, exclusively sells and rents AAdynTech’s U.S.-made Eco LED series in six Midwestern states, in addition to their offering production and location packages and services.

The Eco LED Series consists of the Studio 3000 (tungsten rated light), Eco Punch 5600 and Punch Plus (daylight rated lights) and the brand new smaller Eco Jab LED, that can be used either AC or DC.  There’s even a variable color temp version. 

“These lights have broken new ground,” said enthusiastic DP Arthur Albert, who used Eco Punch when shooting Sony’s pilot “Dirty Medicine” in Chicago recently. “I wouldn’t have thought an LED light could be so powerful and yet so controllable.”

The lights come in tungsten and daylight versions. Their optical efficiency allows a single light source and eliminates multiple shadows, Contursi points out. 

But the Eco LED lights’ greatest advantage is that they emit never get hot and use next to no electricity and therefore can massively cut a studio’s HVAC and electric costs down to next-to-nothing.

Eco Jab (left) and Eco Punch Plus“We were redoing a whole studio in New York and after we installed these lights, the studio’s HVAC and electric bill dropped to $4,000 a month from $34-$35,000 a month – and that’s the truth from the horse’s mouth,” Contursi says.

Both lights are a color-corrected, single source LED light, with an even spread and no drop off. No head cables or ballasts are needed.  Both run so cool they can be touched with bare hands.

Eco Punch 5600 uses less than six amps of power and throws a true output of over 3,193 foot candles at 10-feet, while Eco Job uses less than two amps and has an output of more than 1,854 foot candles at 10-feet. 

Costwise, the Eco Punch compares with LED Arri M18 light and the Eco Jab is brighter than a competitive K5600 Joke, Contursi notes.  “They compete with HMI lights and cost about 20% less, right out of the gate.  And there’s an unprecedented three year warranty.”

ESPN rented Eco LEDS from Product Productions for coverage of the NBA’s Final Four game in New Orleans “and now these LED lights are out there because of their low power draw and high output.  Within two weeks, AAdynTech will be a common name in the industry,” Contursi predicts.

Contursi can found April 14-19 at the AAdynTech Booth C9046 in the Center Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Centers.